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This Made Me Very Happy Indeed

Look at this. It's by Andrew Waugh. How good is this.

A coupla wavy lines. That would have worked if you hadn't stopped me. Somebody blows their nose and you wanna keep it. Get'er. They hate this. Oh we'll be totally discreet. The flowers are still standing. This magnificent feast represents the last of the petty cash. Ghostbusters waddyawant. Beautiful you're hired. Shut this off shut these all off. OK who brought the dog. It's a sign alright goin out of business. But the kids love us. Where do these stairs go. They go up. I love this townahahahahaaaa.

If ever I end up a hostage like Terry Waite I'm going to keep myself sane by watching Ghostbusters in my head on repeat. The copy in my head is probably as good as a DVD. I was obsessed with it as a kid. Still am a bit. *Obsessed*.

When I saw Andrew Waugh had drawn one of his amazing character portraits of Ghostbusters I asked if he was selling the original. Andrew has a brilliant ability to reduce likeness down to a very elegant style, which is about a million times harder than he makes it look. I believe he sells prints of these drawings of various characters, bands, etc via his Etsy site. I also believe they would make an excellent Christmas present for your friends and family.

I was extremely lucky cos instead of charging me hundreds of pounds like he could have done, he asked me if I wanted to swap one of mine for it, so I swapped Ghostbusters for ghost boyfriend, from the Guardian a few months back:

Your Baby

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I've been a bit shit at posting my Guardian comics up here of late, largely cos the Guardian posts them up on publication and I don't want to confuse things by putting them up here at the same time. But I'm so far behind now that I can freely start posting old ones up each week.


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In Which I Finally Finish That Book I've Been Doing

Hello there, hello blog, hello world.

I've been away for quite a bit making a book.

It's taken two years. My wife has put up with working evenings, working weekends, working holidays, in my prolonged effort to cram it around my working life to get it finished. It's drawn on 240 pages of A3 paper, which I recently discovered is enough to three-deep carpet a whole room in my house.

The book is about a man who lives on an obsessively tidy island. He lives a quiet life by the sea, until one day the Chaos of the Universe decides to erupt through his face. This is what the book is about.

It'll be out on the 9th of May. It's already got an Amazon listing, which is quite exciting. I'll post single images from it every week or so till it's out. I think I might start blogging again too, as I've missed it.