Monday, October 31, 2011

A Cartoon In Which I Accidentally Rip Off Steve Tillotson

An annoying thing happened with this month's Prospect comic. Once my little story of a tragic pink jelly-like character called Mr Wubbles had been published in the magazine, I realised I'd accidentally ripped off the fab Steve Tillotson of Banal Pig comics - he already has a tragic pink jelly-like character called, erm, Mr Wobbles. This does occasionally happen, and it's very annoying. What's more, there was a Tom Gauld cartoon which featured a 'Mr Wobbly' too. Sorry guys, honest mistake.
It's genuinely a bit depressing when things like this happen. You think you've come up with a joke or a character, but it turns out it's somebody else's idea that's gone into your brain and you've convinced yourself that you've thought of it. And then everybody thinks you're a big copying bastard.

Anyway, I've apologised to Steve, who was very gracious about it, and urge you to visit his site and buy his stuff, cos he's one of the funniest cartoonists out there.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Melvyn Bragg's Really Stressful Day

This week's Guardian cartoon

[Click image to enlarge]

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dear World, Can I Have My Vague Scientist Original Back Please

Just a little appeal for whoever currently has my Vague Scientist original painting. Can I have it back please, as it is not legally yours.

I left it with the exhibitor for ages cos I moved out of London, and never got round to going and picking it up. But I always assumed it would still be with the exhibitor as they are very careful with left works. However when I went back on Saturday to finally pick it up, it wasn't there.

It's true that I left it with the exhibitor for far too long. But that doesn't mean it is no longer wanted, or no longer mine. You may have picked it up by accident, fair enough. Either way bring it back please, it is one of my babies and I miss it.

If you have it, and a conscience, you can take it to the place where you accidentally took it from and just hand it over/put it back in the bag, or feel free to email me through this blog and I'll give you my address to post it.

I have a lot of faith in people, and I doubt it was taken in bad spirit. I imagine whoever has it genuinely thought it wasn't wanted, and they liked it, which is great, in a way.

But the thing is, it is wanted, by me. It took me hours to write, and absolutely ages to paint. And it is not yours. Please give it back.

And, here's a bonus - you'd avoid going to Hell!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here Is A Cartoon That Basically Nobody On Earth But Me Thought Was Good

Here, in a spirit of pointless transparency, is a cartoon I did a few months ago which nobody I showed it to seemed to like. I mean really, nobody. Ho hum. I still quite like it, but then I would because I did it.

It's supposed to be a parody of those sort of 'in conversation' interviews you get with artists and suchlike, where their work is taken really seriously and everyone crosses their legs in the same way.

[Click image to enlarge]
Here Are Some Original Drawings And Paintings

Here's how I do my cartoons nowadays: in pencil, then I scan and colour them in Photoshop.

I'm going to start making the original pencil drawings available for sale soon, as well as the paintings of I'm The Internet and iPad. So if you're interested just email me!

I've also donated an original drawing from The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil, my book due out in 2012, to the fundraising campaign for Solipsistic Pop 4. Solipsistic Pop is a regular collection of British comics, and it is funded by an incentive-based campaign on indiegogo. I think that if you buy the top incentive package (which contains a *lot* of goodies) you get an original artwork from one of the contributors. This is mine. It's a page from the first draft of the book, and it's one of the ones which so far works best as an image in its own right.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Cartoon In The Guardian And A Thing About My Stuff

I haven't blogged it yet but I'm now doing a weekly cartoon for the Guardian whoop whoop! It's got a fantastic readership who seem to have a similar sense of humour to me so hopefully it'll go down well. I'm trying to make it a lot less wordy than my usual ones - not least because there's not as much space. It's good discipline.

Here's the first one:

[Click image to enlarge]

And here's the article about my stuff, with a slideshow and all, written by the cartoonist-journalist Becky Barnicoat, whose stuff is fantastic.

Friday, October 07, 2011

The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil

Hello Dave:
Dave has been filling my days for the past few months. He is the main character, indeed pretty much the only character, in my first graphic novel which will be completed by the middle of next year, to be published by Jonathan Cape.

I've been drawing him so many times I've had to make a sculpy maquette to keep his head consistent. It's like being a one-person flipping animation studio.

I say it's a 'graphic novel' but that makes it sound rather more grand than intended. It is basically a picture book with some words in it. I think they call them comics. I'm doing it all with pencil, and a lot of rubbing out.

The book is called 'The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil'. It's about this gigantic beard that causes a right rumpus. More broadly, it's about hair and death and chaos and stories and fear and Stuff Just Happening. And the Bangles.

Here are some pictures from it, without the words:

(Oh and also I'm starting a new cartoon in the Guardian Weekend magazine tomorrow which I'm very excited about. I believe they're running a piece about my cartoons by way of introduction. So look out for it if you get the Guardian, though I'm not sure if they'll put it on the website yet. Go on! Buy it!)

[Click image to enlarge]