Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello There Why Not Support Solipsistic Pop?

Just a wee shout out to say that Solipsistic Pop - that marvellous collection of British comics what has helped me in my career a great deal - needs funding help for its next edition.

It's not just charity though - if you contribute to their IndieGoGo page, you get various extras such as signed, exclusive postcards and badges to pre-ordered copies of Solipsistic Pop 4, free tickets to launch events, digital downloads, original artwork, limited edition prints, a credit in the book and even extremely rare printing plates.

I'll be contributing an original artwork from my in-the-pipes graphic novel which will go to a high bidder, as well as doing the cover and a page story for the book itself. So hopefully I shall see you at the launch if you contribute.

Do it for Britain... and British comics!