Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ben Jonson

New cartoon (from the Prospect website):

[Click image to enlarge]

This joke is stolen from the brilliant brain of my marvellous wife Hannah, who observed a couple of years ago when we were at the Globe Theatre that Shakespeare would have been well annoyed to be at that theatre as it is today, ie with all these bald pictures of him about the place.

I've been trying to make a cartoon out of this ever since, and recently found out that, not only are the only definite pictures we have of him are when he was really bald, but also most of them derive from the engraving at the front of the First Folio - which his arch rival Ben Jonson took pains to describe in his preface as being his true likeness.

So I reckon that this may actually be a true story.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Very Topical Cartoon

[Click image to enlarge]

Have you heard the news about Osama Bin Laden getting got? I'm so on it with my month-old topical satire. This one's a bit old now cos I shouldn't really post them until Prospect magazine's off the shelves, hence the delay.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Solipsistic Pop 4

The nearly-annual occurence of the Tom Humberstone-curated Solipsistic Pop is a-comin round the mountain once more. It's less an anthology more a group effort by people who toil at the craggy face of UK comics, and features contributions from about 20 artists each based loosely around a particular theme. This year's theme is Maps.

I'll be doing the cover and a page inside, which is rather daunting as the last three were really rather lovely looking things. Anyway, read all about it here...